Next Stop SignLegal Experience

Welcome to the Pipenger Law Offices, P.C. website. We look forward to serving you. We bring nearly 10 years of legal experience to the table. We can help you understand the difference between an LLC and a Corporation. We can draft and review the documents of formation, such as LLC Agreements, Shareholder Agreements, etc. Our office can counsel individual clients in fee and salary negotiations as well as employment agreements.

Aside from the above, Steve has represented clients in business disputes, employment law matters and other litigation matters. These representations have included breach of contract and breach of fiduciary duty matters; and matters involving violation of federal and state employment laws. Most importantly, he has achieved results for clients winning a number of cases on summary judgment, motions to dismiss and post-hearing briefs after administrative hearings. This experience has taught Steve that the most economical way to settle disputes is to stay out of court. Yet, sadly, when anyone can sue you for anything, you have to be prepared.

Business Experience

Prior to entering the practice law, Steve worked for MCI as well as a start-up company (FiberNet Telecom Group formerly FTGX on NASDAQ) managing cost, financial and pricing data for large-scale satellite and terrestrial network build-outs. While with MCI, Steve was responsible for interfacing with top management with customers as well as within MCI particularly with the drafting of the annual revenue plan and evaluation of prior year plan to actual revenue analysis. He also consistently interacted with customers to assess their on-going technological needs drafting pricing proposals for modifications to main contracts.

These two facets of his career offer to clients the unique perspective of understanding both the legal and business implications of any legal conundrum.

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